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Keto Diet Acne: What is it? Does it Help to Clear Acne?


keto diet acneAcne has been considered as one of the biggest issues on the skin for people globally over the years. Which in turn might bring psycho-social burden to victims of the same. Acne is the breakout of the skin as a result of pores blockage caused by bacteria, hormonal imbalance, age or sebum. Acne could occur on the forehead, cheeks or chin areas of the face. Dermatologists have recommended a variety of ways through which, patients can be able to deal with acne. Treatments include diet plans, use of medicine among others. This article will focus on an in-depth exploration of diet plan also known as keto diet acne for acne sufferers as a treatment for acne.

What is a Diet Plan for Acne Sufferers?

There is a link between what you eat and the acne break out. You ask how? Foods high in carbs and sugars cause an imbalance in the hormone that in turn affect the overproduction sebum levels. This overproduction cause clogged and blocked pores.   The best diet for acne comprises a balanced diet with controlled or low sugars. Balanced diets, reduces chances of inflammation and help in regulating hormones, therefore, preventing acne.

Tips for an effective acne cure diet

  1. Drink more water: staying hydrated optimizes the body functions such as balancing of hormones. Consuming water up to 8 glasses a day promotes clear skin. Water helps in burning calories providing a haven for clear skin.
  2. Do away with alcohol drinks: absurd as it may sound, alcoholic drinks contain high levels of sugar. Too much sugar stimulates your skin break out. In your journey to clear skin forget alcoholic beverages they consist of processed sugars.  In the case, you drink them: drinks a lot of water to mitigate the alcohol effect on your skin.
  3. Increase your vegetables and fruits consumption: as they contain vitamins such as Vitamin A that helps in clearing Acne through a process of drying excess oils on the sebum. Additionally, it aids in reducing inflamma0tion on the skin.
  4. Say yes to organic foods: organic foods may be costly, but they are made controlled sugars, fats, and salts that go hand in keeping the skin nourished. Preventing skin breakouts.

What will I Consume In a Keto Diet Acne?

Normally, for a successful acne treatment through a keto diet, there are specific types of food that you can take. They include:

  • Green leafy veggies such as kales and spinach among others.
  • Berries Low glycemic like blackberries and raspberries.
  • A healthy diet for acne include nuts like macadamia nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds.
  • Incorporate high-fat dairy- high-fat creams, butter, and hard cheeses.
  • Use low carb sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia to avoid processed sugars.
  • Not forgetting meaty products with a special eye on white meats such as fish and poultry.

Have in mind that, an elimination diet for acne should be balanced. A Keto diet foods contain portions that are suitable for the healing process. The nutrient portions include 70% fats 25% moderate proteins and low carbs making the rest.

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Types of keto diet acne

For the perfect results, you need to go through the various types of the Ketogenic diet that works best for you. This acne cure diet has four types entirely dependent on the needs of the users.

  • The standard Keto diet: characterized by low carbs, high-fat diet, and moderate protein intake. This type is the most popular as it suits people with regular acne.
  • Targeted Keto diet: designed to allow the user to add the intake of carbs but allowing for workouts.
  • Cyclical Keto diet: defined by 5 Ketogenic days then followed by two consecutive days of high-carbs. This type is periodical and followed by your dermatologist prescription.
  • High protein Keto Diet: A reverse of the standard Ketogenic diet, this particular features High protein ratios of up to 60%. As mentioned earlier, different skins have predisposing factors that cause acne. In the case where low proteins cause breakouts then this type is recommended and vice versa.

Benefits of Low Carb Acne Cure

Acne or skin breakouts are connected to oxidative damage; toxins break out and an over-creation of sebum. What benefits of this type of diet in fighting acne?

A. Regulate insulin levels: an increase in the levels of insulin in the body elevates the overproduction of sebum, androgens and skin cells. This, in turn, causes acne eruptions on the skin. Balanced insulin levels:

  • Stimulates an expected growth of the skin cells which goes a long way to blocking pores.
  • Promotes the growth of Keratin-producing cells that aid in helping the skin cells sticking together.
  • Insulin ignites the production of controlled sebum production which goes hand in hand with blocking pores.

B. Keto diet has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Regular foods inflame the skin predisposing it to acne. Researchers have it that, low carb diets reduce this inflammation, therefore, reducing the chances of skin breakouts.

C. It not only clears away and prevents the occurrence of acne, but this diet also helps in nourishing and fading away of acne white and blackheads.

D. Controls growth of IGF hormones that boost the occurrence of acne. Low carb diet, therefore, makes the best diet for hormonal acne.

E. Keto Diet Acne works on the overall stature of the body. After a while, you might notice an increase in energy which is more consistent.

F. In some cases, acne is hormonal and may break out into one age. Therefore low carbs diet, slow down aging as they decrease oxidative stress levels.

Conclusively, the keto diet acne is one of the best ways of dealing with acne prone skin. It is affordable, convenient has minimal side effects. Although you might not notice the difference after a day or two, we recommend that you continue using this diet for a more extended period to benefit from it.

In the case that, you notice some side effects such as headaches, an increase in the breakout of acne speak to your dermatologist and let them advise you on how to go about it. Get back your esteem, for free with a healthy diet to get rid of acne, and you will be happier.