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Deep Acne Scars Treatment: How To Cure Deep Acne Scars On Face


laser treatment for deep acne scarsMost people experience the development of acne at one point in their lives. Acne is caused by various factors such as puberty, age, lifestyle choices, and hormones. For some people, the acne leaves mild black spots that tend to fade over time once the acne stops developing. However, some people experience deep acne scars that completely change the appearance and formation of their skin.

Deep acne scarring entails indentation in the skin hence creating three types of scars namely rolling scars, boxcar, and ice-pick scars.

These scars are different from the black spots, which entail discoloration and hypertrophic scar, which causes bumps on the skin. The good news is that victims of deep acne scars can benefit from skin treatments that seek to restore the skin to full health.

The type of scar you have and its intensity will determine the treatment method. Black spots and hypertrophic scars are easily treated through methods such as microdermabrasion or a chemical. Deep scars require severe methods such as dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and subcision.

Dermabrasion on Deep Acne Scars Treatment


Is a medical procedure that entails the use of a tool with an abrasive end to deep scar removal. The rough end made of a rotating metal or wire brush. During the procedure, the doctor applies numbing cream on the affected surface to prepare the skin for the process.

The doctor then uses the rotating brush to wear off the top layers of the skin and even out the skin. The procedure often results in redness and swelling due to the harsh nature of the process. Healing takes a few weeks where the skin regenerates itself to acquire a smooth finish. Notably, in some severe cases, the doctor will use anesthesia on the patient.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser treatment is a popular procedure for many dermatological treatments due to its fast and precise nature that encourages rapid healing. The laser resurfacing is a procedure that entails the use of laser beams to remove the affected skin. When the top damaged layer is removed, the laser machine focuses on tightening the middle part.

The laser beams technically burn the affected skin, and the heat produced stimulates the production of collagen, which promotes the growth of smooth skin during the healing period. It is important to get this procedure done by a qualified and highly skilled doctor who will determine the depth of the treatment.

The difference between 100% laser resurfacing and fractional laser therapy is that the fractional procedure treats the affected area only. The result is a shorter healing time.

Subcision for Deep Acne Scars

Subcision is a minor surgery that uses a needle to break the scar tissue on the skin. The broken scar tissue often fills up with blood and stimulates healthy skin growth. As such, the procedure removes the existent indentation on the skin, removes the scar tissue and stimulates the production of collagen.

The healing time is less than two weeks with minimal bruising involved. The thing to note with deep acne scars treatment is that require deep treatment in order to regenerate the skin from within. The mentioned procedures cost anywhere between $200 to $6000 depending on the severity of the scarring.