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Back Acne Treatment: Ways To Get Rid of Back & Body Acne


back acne treatmentLet’s be honest; nobody likes back or body acne. What makes this even worse is that it can be quite challenging to find a practical solution for back acne treatment. Most of the acne treatment products on the market are designed and developed to help with facial acne and not your body. This is discouraging because body acne is much harder to clear up.

Back and body acne is common, and since there are a large number of people looking for a solution, it is worth inspecting the problem of back acne a little closer.

What Makes Back Acne so Difficult?

Sometimes facial acne can be stubborn, but more often than not back breakouts move in and seem like hey never plan to leave. This is because back and body acne comes with some special challenges.

The skin on your back is much tighter than facial skin, and this makes it harder to exfoliate, that is, of course, assuming you can even reach all of it. The skin cells on your back are also generally larger, so dry ones tend to clog pores much easier.

The sebaceous glands are also more abundant on your back which means more oil than what your face is exposed to. One final challenge lies in the fact that your back is covered for the majority of the day. Clothing can trap dirt and oils on the skin which quickly clogs pores.

The Best Back Acne Treatment Plan

Despite the differences, you still want to tackle your back acne with the same plan as your facial acne. Cleanse with something that exfoliates the skin to make it fresher and at the same time removed dirt and oil.

The fresh skin underneath is always more natural to treat. You want to go with a treatment that includes an acne medication like salicylic acid dry excess oil or one that kills bacteria which causes acne.

Loofahs are not recommended for removing acne, but again this is generally about your face. The rough surfaces can aggravate the skin which causes even more breakouts.

Because the back has much tougher skin, a loofah may help with exfoliation. Remember that if you notice skin irritation when using a loofah, then it is too abrasive and you need to choose something else. Irritated skin leads to breakouts.

The Best Back Acne Treatment Products

One of the best available are the products from Murad. Murad Acne Body Wash is a salicylic acid-based body cleanser that exfoliates the skin on your back while simultaneously delivering acne medication to the troubled areas.

Murad Clarifying Body Acne Spray also contains salicylic acid and is ideal for application to those hard to reach areas. Even if you have not previously cleansed those areas, this spray starts to clear acne instantly.

Even though facial acne products are more commonly found, it is not impossible to find effective body washes and treatment products.

How to Reduce Back and Body Acne?

Facial acne is usually influenced by hormones, specifically the over stimulation of the gland which produces androgens which are hormones found in both genders that are infamous for causing breakouts.

The acne on your back can also be related to hormones, but there is another potential cause known as Acne Mechanica.

This is a sort of acne caused by irritation, and when you stop to think about it, there are some potential irritants to your back each day.

Clothing, backpacks, the back of chairs, bras for females are to name but a few. Regardless of the cause though, there are a few things you can do to help keep back acne to a minimum.

~ Wear loose-fitting clothes: Trapped oil is the biggest enemy of the pores on your skin, and the best way to trap oil is tight fitting clothes. Even if you think that baggy clothes are not the most flattering, think how unflattering back acne is.

~ Choose natural fabrics: Just like tight clothing, synthetic clothing does not allow your skin to breathe which can result in oils building up. Excess oils clog skin, irritate skin and cause breakouts. Synthetic fibers may not be the hit of the fashion runways, but they will help you keep the clear back skin.

~ Leave the backpack at home: Unless it is vital, choose an alternative to your backpack. The continual rubbing against your back irritates the skin and promotes breakouts.

Back Acne Treatment From the Inside

The best way to get rid of back acne is to treat it from the inside. You can still use the appropriate products and cleansing methods, but a more comprehensive approach provides the most benefits. To have clear and healthy skin try the following more natural back acne treatments.

~ The acne diet: A diet low in processed and fast foods and high in fresh foods and fruits and vegetables is ideal. Plenty of vitamins and nutrients, as well as powerful antioxidants, are perfect for healthy, clear skin. Plan well-balanced meals every day.

~ Stay hydrated: Plan to drink at least eight glasses of water (not sports drinks, sodas or juice) per day. This is not to say you cannot drink the other beverages, but anything with high sugar content should be minimized.

~ Reduce stress and increase sleep: A stress-free and rested body is essential for clear skin. Try yoga or meditation to relieve stress and plan to get enough sleep each night, at least 7 hours.

~ Remove toxic exposure: Make sure whatever products you use, you choose toxin-free versions, and of course, smoking is not good for your health in general. Smoking is also toxic to your skin and can instigate breakouts.

Skin care involves more than just the right products. Healthy and beautiful skin is accomplished through dedicated cleaning and a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there are some choices you can make regarding clothing that can also help. Develop a routine to care for your skin from head to toe and stick with it, and you can help minimize or even prevent facial and back acne breakouts. The best back acne treatments involve care both inside and out.


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